Oakhill Brewery Railway Framed Original

This is a reconstruction of a scene from 1916 outside the forecourt and loading bank of The Oakhill Brewery in High Street, Oakhill on the Mendip Hills in Somerset.

The brewery was founded in 1765 and by 1910 was producing over 2,000 barrels of beer each week. It was famed for its “Double Stout Invalid Porter” which had an alcohol content of 7.48%.

To distribute its products far and wide, a one and a half mile long, 2 foot 6 inch gauge railway was constructed in 1904 to link the brewery with The Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway Station at Binegar.

The 0-4-0 Peckett Saddle Tank “Oakhill” is being prepared to make another journey with a consignment of beer from the brewery. An Army Dispatch Rider has stopped his Bristol built 2¾ H.P. Douglas Motorcycle to give it mechanical attention and has become engaged in conversation with two employees of the brewery.

The railway was replaced by road transport in 1920 and Oakhill Brewery never recovered from a disastrous fire in January 1925.
This work has been sold